The automotive event platform for everyone.

Miglia simplifies route planning, marketing site creation, event applications, entry fee collection, and driver communication.

Drive your route, not the fastest

Take advantage of Miglia's fully flexible route builder.

Create unlimited stages

Create stages based on your rally's days, or stops on a single day.

Waypoint based navigation

Search for locations, or drop pins. The route will get you exactly where you want to go.

On-road vs. off-road indicators

Visual indicators on the map show you which roads are paved, and which are unpaved. How much adventure do you want?

Marketing, meet driving.

Build beautiful marketing sites with the click of a few buttons.

Every tool needed

Miglia supports adding rich text, images, and map previews of stage routes. These tools allow you to build beautiful and dynamic sites.

Optimized for virality

Our site builder was engineered with SEO as the top priority. This makes your event more discoverable by search engines and social media sites.

Custom domains

Customize your free domain.

Unlimited Everything

Unlimited Pages

Every event is different, and has different marketing needs. Create as many pages as you need to share your information.

Unlimited Content

A picture is worth a thousand words. You can have both! Each page can have as many images, and as much text as you'd like.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Your rally is only as successful as how many people see your site. Take advantage of unlimited views to maximize your event size.

Dynamic form builder for your driver applications

Easily create your application form

Select from multiple question types, drag-and-drop to reorder questions, and customize values.

Send a polished event application.

Built directly into your Miglia site, sharing your application is as easy as sharing a link.

Embeddable into your existing marketing channels

If you already have a site that customers are familiar with, Miglia applications can be dropped directly onto that site.

Collect driver entry fees

Seamlessly collect entry fees from applicants.

Automatically track who has paid

Our entry fee system integrates directly with our applicant tracking system allowing you to easily see who, and who hasn't paid.

Daily Payments

Built with Stripe, our entry fee system deposits daily to the payout method of your choosing.

Visual Driver Management

Visually track who has applied, and who is going to your event.