Drive brand growth through successful events

Miglia enables any group to host engaging automotive events.

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Host larger events with less work

Miglia’s tools help busy organizers focus on the attendee experience, not logistics

AI-Powered Route Planner ✨

Plan smarter, faster: Miglia's AI route planner makes multi-day events a breeze.

Easy, Customized Marketing Site

Build a captivating event site in moments: No code needed, endless pages, rich media support, plus Turbo-tier white-labeling for a personalized touch.

Automate Registration

Design custom application forms to integrate with your Miglia site or embed on your site for a streamlined application process.

Multi-day Events

Beautiful Event Pages

Email & SMS Communication

Custom Branding

Dynamic application forms

Driver management

Route Books

Collaboration with colleagues

Apple Pay & Google Pay Support

Build a brand through compelling events

Miglia's organization platform gives an end-to-end home for hosting events.

Your Business's Event Home

Miglia's site builder transforms event management—compile all your business events into a single, no-code website easily.

Track Your Customers

Maintain engagement effortlessly: Track attendees across events and invite them to new ones with just a click.

Dedicated Email & SMS Support

Event CRM

No-Code Site Builder

Collaborate with Colleagues

Customer Communication

Route repository for enthusiasts & clubs

Use Miglia to store your favorite drives, then share them others.

Export Unlimited Events

Build your route in our route builder. Natively export to Google Maps, or download a route book.

Publish & Share Routes

Maintain engagement effortlessly: Track attendees across events and invite them to new ones with just a click.

Export to Google Maps

Custom Route Book

Unlimited Events

Publish Routes

Hear from our customers

We support events of all shapes and sizes.

"With Miglia, our event tripled in size."

Evan Sykes

Owner, M22 Detailing

"Planning our event with Miglia was a game-changer. Miglia was definitely key to making our event a success."

Meri Karenovna

Marketing Director, Naples Motorsports

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