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New Site Features & Content Blocks

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This month, our main goal was to make the site builder more powerful for the clubs, and orgs using the tool. We wanted to do this by making the site builder less dependent on the structure of your org’s events.

  • Page Folders: You can now categorize pages in any way you’d like. Previously page folders were determined by which pages belong to each event.

  • Application Block: We have removed the “Apply” page in favor of a site block that holds your application. This allows you to add the application onto any page, or multiple pages. You can also leave this block on your site, and toggle whether or not applications are open for the whole site.

New Site Blocks

Image Gallery

Our new image gallery block allows you to upload an unlimited amount of images to your site. Images will show as a grid where you can click into each image to view it full screen.

Event Cards

The event block allows you to display a row, or grid of events. The event cards will show each event’s cover image, name, dates, and description. Like the image gallery, you can add as many events, and customize how many events show per row.

Minor Improvements

We have a few minor updates for the site builder to share too:

  • Most content blocks support adding a width to them. This is especially useful for customizing how images are displayed.

  • We’ve fixed a bug where your cursor would jump around when editing text.

  • On org sites, you can customize your site footer; adding location, contact, and description items.

  • For paid users with an org, we support uploading custom logos. This logo will be used as your site’s favicon, and in social media share previews.