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Introducing AI Route Building, Organizations, and more

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We've been hard at work over the last few months rebuilding Miglia to better support both the brands and enthusiasts using our tools. We have a lot to share, so let's jump in.

🪄 AI-Powered Route Builder

To continue building exciting events, leverage our AI to introduce your drivers to new routes. Use this feature to brainstorm new routes in your area, or to simply get your idea on the map.

Members on the free tier can build up to 3 AI routes per month, while those on the Turbo tier can make as many as they'd like.

🤝 Organizations

Miglia Organizations fundamentally improve the way you plan and host events by creating a home-base for you, your team, and your events.

Organization Sites

Instead of creating a new site for each event, Organizations gives you one website to build off of as you host more events. Use this site to show your events, or even as your company's main website.

Organization Membership

Miglia Membership allows you to manage a list of drivers who have attended your events. Miglia automatically updates your member list with each event. Use this list to keep in contact with your drivers by inviting them to new events, or letting them know about offerings at your business.

🚘 Enthusiasts

We've continued to refine Miglia for enthusiasts that use our platform for planning and storing their favorite drives.

Route Builder Updates

In addition to adding AI-suggested routing, we've added a few more technical features including keyboard navigation, elevation view, and draggable waypoints.

Route Share Pages

We've added a new way to share on Miglia. Share Pages are great for enthusiasts or clubs who want to keep a repository of their favorite drives. Routes are sharable through an easy link, or as a new content-block on our site builder. Any route can be shared, although routes default to being private.

🤑 Updated Pricing

We’re excited to announce our new pricing structure, making Miglia even more affordable for your business. Our free tier now allows publishing of events! Miglia Free brings all the power of the premium tier to those who want to host events. You can build an unlimited amount events and share them with everyone. The free tier continues to have a 5% platform fee on ticketed events. Our premium tier is now only $39/month, with a 0% platform fee for ticketing.

For companies or brands that need an extra hand planning their events, we are now opening up access to our White Glove program. With White Glove, we take all administrative tasks off your plate. We’ll create your route, marketing site, and application. White Glove has very limited access, so reach out to if you want to learn more.

We're super excited for all of you to try out our new features for this driving season. Demos can be scheduled on our calendar.