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How to join a club with Miglia

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You'll need one of the following to join a club with Miglia.

  • Join Code - This code will be a six digit code that belongs to the community

  • Join Link - This link can commonly be found through QR codes, or shared on a club's website.

Request to Join a Club

  1. Visit the Miglia join page at

  2. You will be prompted to log in to your existing account, or create a new account.

  3. If you have the join code, enter that in the page titled "Join a Club". If you have the link, the code will automatically be populated.

  4. Verify that the club you are wishing to join is the club whose name is on the button. In this case, the name of the club is "Miglia Routes"

Pending Join Requests

If the club you are requesting to join requires each member to be accepted, you will see your membership request under the "Requests" tab. Additionally, you can see which clubs you have been accepted to.

Joining a Club

After you have been accepted, you will prompted to pay for a club's membership fees. You won't be able to see a club's information until you have completed the fees.

Accessing a Club

Immediately after completing your membership purchase, you will have access to all of the club's content.