Why Miglia?

Bring together the fragmented rally planning experience.

Plan Your Route

Planning your route on Miglia gives you the power of tools you're used to like Google Maps, but takes away the restrictions of routing out the roads you want. Miglia's route plan also powers your route book.

Route Book

Using your rally stages, Miglia auto generates a route book for you event. Give drivers a turn-by-turn print out of with no extra work on your end.


Miglia's site builder tool gives you the power to share information about your rally in any way you want. There's little that's more powerful than a custom-built website. With Miglia, you can use your site to accept applications too.


With Miglia's application builder, you can collect information from your drivers in any format that works for you. We allow text inputs, selection inputs, and also maintain a database of makes and models for searchable driver applications.

Driver Management

After your driver applies through your site, all their information is brought into Miglia so you can manage acceptances and denials. You can also maintain communication with who will be at your rally.