Easily build and collect driver info.

Save time on building your PDF application. Save double time by not having to read them.

Customizable driver applications

Collect driver information in the format that works for you and your team.

Complete application form builder

Miglia allows organizers to ditch PDF applications for extensible online forms. With our searchable form submissions, you can quickly view analytics around your applications and accept or deny drivers.

  • Complete form tool kit for building custom applications
  • Unlimited input fields
  • Publishable through Miglia sites, or embed on your existing site
  • Enable, or disable applications

Capture data in any format

Create data-driven driver insights using our text input, select fields, and database of vehicle makes and models.

Publish applications on your Miglia site, or embed on your own site

Applications come to life combined with the use of our marketing site builder. Driver applications are then viewable on our driver insights page.